Hi, my name is Dave Ellis and this is my blog where I talk about all things 3D.

By day I’m a digital designer freelancing around Leeds and designing and building small websites (I even wrote a book about going freelance). For a long time now I’ve been pretty envious of 3D designers and their ability to craft images from nothing and produce almost photorealistic images, so one day I figured – I’ll have a go at this, and that is essentially what this blog is all about. Anything I learn, any tip I find I try and document here.

My main tool of choice is budget mac application Cheetah3D, although I also work with Silo, Strata and Cinema4D. There are a few reasons I favour Cheetah3D – it’s fast (on both render and general use), it’s very capable and it’s got a great learning curve. I’ve made a few Cheetah3D tutorials along the way of my findings, hopefully they will help someone else learn too.

I hope you find something interesting here and maybe pick up some tips along the way!