Learn Cheetah3D

If you’re just starting out with Cheetah3D then this is the list for you. I’ve put together an order to work through my tutorials to ease you through the process of learning Cheetah3D. Some of the tutorials here are free and some are premium, the cheapest method for you to own all of then is… Continue reading Learn Cheetah3D

Lets Get Isometric

I’ve been doing loads of isometric renders recently so I recorded this short tutorial/quick tip to show you how to get isometric renders out of Cheetah3D, I hope you like it!

Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

As a special offer I’m selling a bundle pack of 8 of my Cheetah3D tutorials (that’s over 6 hours of learning!) and HDRI studio pack combined for $30! That’s a saving of $15. Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle (just $30!) Included in the Cheetah3D tutorial bundle First and foremost you’re getting over 6 hours of video tutorials.… Continue reading Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

Cheetah3D’s Skylight

I recorded a short tutorial showing you how to use Cheetah3D’s skylight. You can get some really good results quickly with it but you can also make your renders look fake if you don’t use it on the right type of scene. Hope you like it! If you liked this tutorial why not sign up… Continue reading Cheetah3D’s Skylight