Global Illumination

Following a recent tutorial on Global Illumination in Cinema4D I wondered if similar render could be achieved in Cheetah3D. You can see the two renders below. The first render isn’t my own, it’s taken directly from Greyscale Gorilla and the second model isn’t my own either (created by Cheetah3D user Meshman) – I did set… Continue reading Global Illumination

Weird Dog Thing

Back to Cheetah3D which I’m still quickest in, I modelled this bizarre dog type creature. Generally I followed a tutorial but changed a few things along the way. The more I progress with organic modelling the more I’m starting to realise that you really need to plan your model well. If you’re using a cylinder… Continue reading Weird Dog Thing

Pushing Polygons

So here it is, my first non render post, hopefully you can tell but if not, it’s the beginnings of a horse. While I’m practising my techniques on this particular model I’ve been working directly over the top of a triangulated horse model which I found on TurboSquid. I’m not necessarily going to finish this,… Continue reading Pushing Polygons

Procedural Materials

There’s a contest running over at the Cheetah3D forum to produce a 100% procedural material for a Christmas Bauble. I’ve only briefly had a play with Cheetah’s node based material system before so took the opportunity to have a play, none of these are particularly complex but I kind of like the effect on each… Continue reading Procedural Materials

8 Legged Silence

I haven’t posted in a while, that’s not because I haven’t been doing much 3D, it’s because I’m working on something that I can’t post here just yet (client confidentiality and all that!) – in the mean time here’s my first foray into character animation which was done about 2 months back now…

More Particles

After recording my tutorial on using particle arrays I thought I’d push things a bit further and see what Cheetah can handle. I’m really really impressed with depth that Cheetah has and in particular have been trying out the particle effectors. So far I’ve played with the gravity effector, turbulence, radial and the deflector and… Continue reading More Particles