Hiroto’s Hair Script

Uber talented Cheetah3D user Hiroto has created many scripts for Cheetah3D which extend it’s abilities. Having actually modelled the hair for my attempt at Gordon Ramsey, I thought I would use the same head and try Hiroto’s hair script out. I should probably point out that I’ve tried to use this script quite a few… Continue reading Hiroto’s Hair Script

Cheetah3D 5.6 Beta

Last night Cheetah3D developer Martin Wengemayer released the beta version of Cheetah3D 5.6. The latest Cheetah3D point release focuses on the reworking of the transform tool which now has a nifty little feature called gadget mode allowing you to change the rotation point of any object quickly. There are lots of other additional features, but… Continue reading Cheetah3D 5.6 Beta

Gordon Ramsey

Following on from my attempt at creating a caricature of Pierluigi Collina, here’s an effort at creating Gordon Ramsey. It’s not bad, could certainly be improved but overall I’m pretty happy – this is also the first time I’ve attempted to put any hair on a model so it’s nice to get over that hurdle.

Pierluigi Collina

Working with a head mesh that I previously created I wanted to see if I could push and pull the polygons into the shape of someone famous. Here’s an effort at former referee Pierluigi Collina. It’s not ideal but I think it’s certainly taking shape. Collina actually has a fairly difficult face to capture, his… Continue reading Pierluigi Collina

Ease Off The Render

I’ve made some images that I’ve been really happy with so far but I have to admit in most cases that’s down to the render of the object rather than the actual modelling itself. I think it’s time to let the rendering take a bit of a backseat while I focus on my modelling skills,… Continue reading Ease Off The Render


Following on from modelling (one or two l’s? I never know) Bart I thought I’d have a crack at creating Bender from Futurama (all in C3D). Fairly pleased with the outcome on this one and the lighting kind of makes it feel a bit cartoony…


It’s been a few weeks since I last posted now and I’m still grabbing any spare time I can to work on learning 3D software. I’ve included a couple of my most recent renders (both Cheetah3D) with this post… See the full gallery on Posterous

Learning 3D

I recently made it my mission to learn 3D. I’ve had a few goes in the past but always got sidetracked by work – this time though I’m going to stick with it and hopefully it’ll improve me as a designer. Initially I’d planned to stick with a mac based app called Cheetah3D which has… Continue reading Learning 3D