Airport Of The Future

It’s been a long time since I posted here but here goes… I recently had a project on to visualise the Airport Of The Future. For the project I was given a fairly comprehensive research document detailing advances in technology that are either starting to appear in airports around the world or expected to appear… Continue reading Airport Of The Future

Send Me Your Renders!

This is a request to anyone out there who has followed any of my tutorials (free or paid) to send me your renders. I’d like to put a post together showcasing the work that you’ve produced as a result of following my tutorials. Remember to include your name and location. Send emails to Thanks!

Time Lapse Video By Glen Southern

I found myself watching this time lapse video again today – it’s great to see the process that an experienced modeller uses. It looks like Silo for the modelling with a custom coloured interface. The Z-Brush part looks amazing too..


The thing that’s really inspiring me to produce more tutorials and tips and free files lately is the feedback I’m getting from people from all corners of the world. I really love getting emails from people that are visiting the site and picking up some tips – sometimes it’s designers looking to add another string… Continue reading Feedback


A new user appeared on the Cheetah3D forum a few weeks back and posted a couple of great renders, this in itself is something of a rarity. Most newcomers to Cheetah take time to get to grips with things, they post questions, problems and half renders – why wouldn’t they? Learning a 3D isn’t that… Continue reading Kookizu

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