Time Lapse Video By Glen Southern

I found myself watching this time lapse video again today – it’s great to see the process that an experienced modeller uses. It looks like Silo for the modelling with a custom coloured interface. The Z-Brush part looks amazing too.. http://vimeo.com/42397505


I found this tutorial on Strata’s site of all places – and it’s done by none other than Glen Southern (I know, I know this site is turning into a bit of a Glen Southern appreciation society) http://www.strata.com/support/tutorials/detail/?catid=35 What I like about this tutorial is that its literally just images and text – it means if you’re… Continue reading Silosaurus


So I finally added the hands (in a fashion). No they’re not great but it’s a start and from what I know, modelling hands isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I just need to press on for now anyway as I want to move onto the next tutorial…

Another Character

Here’s the makings of another character that I started blocking out yesterday. I found some drawings online online of both side and front views and got him to this stage pretty quickly. Ok it’s not perfect and I’ve already run into a few problems that need solving, and to be honest, I probably won’t come… Continue reading Another Character

Silo Character Gets Arms

A bit more progress on this chap and now he’s got a pair of arms, next up is the hands which I’m not exactly looking forward to, I’ve only once modelled hands and I think I got pretty lucky. Soft selection in Silo is pretty handy but it’s taking some getting used to…

Silo Man

Here’s a very quick character that I’m working up in Silo – again it’s tutorial stuff and not my own, at the moment I’m just thinking practice makes perfect!  

Silo Training Booked

I’ve done it. I booked a days Silo training with Glen Southern and I’m pretty excited about it. Having watched a number of Glen’s video tutorials I thought I’d take the plunge. He’s got a really good approach to teaching and is obviously an incredibly talented 3D artist. I’ve never had training in any application… Continue reading Silo Training Booked

Bugapillar Progress

So here’s a bit more on the bugapillar model – not much more progress but I’m trying to be a bit more active on this blog…