Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

As a special offer I’m selling a bundle pack of 8 of my Cheetah3D tutorials (that’s over 6 hours of learning!) and HDRI studio pack combined for $30! That’s a saving of $15. Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle (just $30!) Included in the Cheetah3D tutorial bundle First and foremost you’re getting over 6 hours of video tutorials.… Continue reading Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

Cheetah3D’s Skylight

I recorded a short tutorial showing you how to use Cheetah3D’s skylight. You can get some really good results quickly with it but you can also make your renders look fake if you don’t use it on the right type of scene. Hope you like it! If you liked this tutorial why not sign up… Continue reading Cheetah3D’s Skylight

Tutorial Competition Winners

With thanks to the competition winners have been drawn… Congratulations go to Dellana Artist, Matthieu Tuffet and Serge Martinoff who have each won a copy of all my premium tutorials. Apologies to anyone that didn’t win but I’m sure I’ll be running another competition soon!

The Dreaded Price Increase

I felt like this needed a little explaining after I launched my latest tutorial at a higher price. It’s not something that I wanted to do, but unfortunately with the amount of planning and production that goes into making a premium tutorial I just couldn’t continue to put tutorials out there at $1. Cheetah3D has… Continue reading The Dreaded Price Increase

iPhone/Smartphone Cheetah3D Tutorial

In this 57 minute tutorial I’ll show you how to model and render an animation of an iPhone/Smartphone. I’ll show you how to deal with the tricky holes in the body and then we cover some basic animation so you can achieve a render similar to the one below…

3D Model Bender from Futurama Cheetah3D Tutorial

In this tutorial we’re looking at modelling Bender from Futurama in Cheetah3D. If you use something other than Cheetah, such as Cinema4D, Blender, Maya, Modo or anything else you should still be able to follow along easily enough – modelling is very similar from one package to another. Shortcut Keys Camera Views = 0-9 Area… Continue reading 3D Model Bender from Futurama Cheetah3D Tutorial