Paypal Payments

I’ve had a few requests for Paypal payments which I’ve been manually dealing with and was never ideal, I now have a solution in place which will hopefully be better for everyone. All my tutorials now have a link to pay with paypal – it’s a little tucked away at the bottom but I’ll make… Continue reading Paypal Payments

Upcoming Tutorial – Bowl Of Sweets

Here’s a sneak preview at my next tutorial which I’m planning on releasing very soon. The render itself is pretty straightforward but the setup is quite an interesting one.   Watch this space! Update – this tutorial is now available – Bowl Of Sweets Cheetah3D Tutorial

Noisy Fans

Well, my attempt at cleaning the fans on my MacBook Pro didn’t have the desired result – my trusty laptop still sounds like a small aircraft taking off when I give it anything slightly processor heavy to do. I did buy an incredibly cheap clip on microphone which I thought would help reduce the noise… Continue reading Noisy Fans

Modifiers in Cheetah3D

Modifiers are so useful in Cheetah, from creating arrays to adding symmetry or simply adding a taper, they’re incredibly handy. The best part is that they’re non-destructive and good for animation. I recorded a short video tutorial showing you how to apply them and some possible uses…