Quick Tips/Mini Tutorials

I’m currently planning on putting together a series of quick tips/mini tutorials for Cheetah3D, this will allow me to solve specific problems and showcase specific tools. As always they will be video based tutorials and I’m planning on releasing at least 1 a week. Because these tutorials will be shorter than the usual ones (I’m… Continue reading Quick Tips/Mini Tutorials

3 Point Lighting – Cheetah3D Tutorial

3 point lighting is a technique I use over and over again for lighting my scenes. It’s simple to set up, gives you great control and is incredibly effective. Here I go through the process I use to set it up in Cheetah3D…

Character/Box Modelling Cheetah3D Tutorial

I’m back with another tutorial – this time we’re looking at box modelling a simple character and then creating a texture map for him. It’s an hour long tutorial will get you to grips with box modelling and should prove to be a good platform for creating organic models.

Cheetah3D Shortcuts

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been using Cheetah for a while its a good idea to make the most of using Cheetah’s shortcut keys. They’re completely customisable and spending a little time setting them up and introducing them into your workflow will reap huge rewards in terms of your modelling speed. The less… Continue reading Cheetah3D Shortcuts

Clock Tutorial In Cheetah3D

A 41 minute beginners video tutorial showing you how to model and render a realistic looking clock in Cheetah3D. It’s another paid tutorial again but pay what you want! Buy Cheetah3D Clock Tutorial for $5 Now What’s covered… • Modelling the elements that form the scene, moving from primitives to collapsing and modifying a mesh… Continue reading Clock Tutorial In Cheetah3D

Planet Earth – Beginners Cheetah3D Tutorial

Well, I’m back with another tutorial – that’s the good news! The bad news is that this time it’s a paid tutorial – I’ve kept it incredibly cheap (Anything over $5) as I’m just looking to break even with these tutorials, this will allow me to keep putting content out there. Buy Cheetah3D Planet Earth… Continue reading Planet Earth – Beginners Cheetah3D Tutorial