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Bathroom Cabinet Render

Here’s a very quick model that I built for a friend as a proof of concept. Essentially I need to be able to replace the wood texture with different types of wood and re-render fairly easily. This was modelled in about 30 minutes with the initial render setup being very quick (HDRI + Radiosity). Test renders do tend to take time though. All in all I would say around 2 hours start to finish on this one with a little bit of experimentation in there too.


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  1. Lars says:

    Hi Dave, it’s a nice render. I wonder how did you light this scene?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Lars, it’s quite a simple lighting set up. Radiosity plus an HDRI – I spent quite a while choosing the right HDRI and running test renders.

      • Lars says:

        Dave, do you switch off the camera light when you are using HDRI?

        • Dave says:

          Cheetah’s camera light set to auto will recognise that you’re using image based lighting and switch the camera light off for you

  2. Tom D says:

    Nice one Dave.

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