Bowl Of Sweets – Cheetah3D Tutorial

This tutorial is all about playing with dynamics which I’ve not covered in a tutorial before. Obviously as always we’re aiming towards a convincing render at the end but it’s a good one to just have some fun with!

Cheetah3D Bowl Of Sweets Tutorial


What’s covered…

  • Modelling the elements that form the scene, covering primitives and modifiers
  • Using dynamics in combination with particles to create the sweets
  • Creating a single node based texture that combines overlaid graphics and random colour selection
  • HDRI lighting setup
  • Post render tweaks in photoshop

The Details

  • File: Quicktime (.mov) Duration: 36 minutes 7 seconds
  • File Size: 171mb
  • Contents: Tutorial file (.mov), sweet overlay texture (.psd), Cheetah file (.jas), Sample raw render (.jpg), photoshop file with post processing (.psd), post processed render (.jpg)
  • Price: $5+

Hope you like it!

Cheetah3D Bowl Of Sweets Tutorial

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    1. Hi Lars, Let me know how you get on with the tutorial – you’re the first to try it!

      1. Hi Dave, I was busy during the day and I couldn’t watch the tutorial earlier. It’s a great episode, especially part about the Node editor. Following your example, I’m carrying experiments with materials now. Thank you for inspiration and I’m waiting for more.

        1. Hi Lars, I’m pleased that you liked it. I’m planning on slowly introducing more node based materials into each tutorial. It’s a fairly complex system for beginners to understand but hopefully taking it one step at a time will help people (myself included!)

    1. Great to see Doug and I’m glad you enjoyed it, I always like to see what people are creating!

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