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Bowl Of Sweets – Cheetah3D Tutorial

This tutorial is all about playing with dynamics which I’ve not covered in a tutorial before. Obviously as always we’re aiming towards a convincing render at the end but it’s a good one to just have some fun with!

Cheetah3D Bowl Of Sweets Tutorial


What’s covered…

  • Modelling the elements that form the scene, covering primitives and modifiers
  • Using dynamics in combination with particles to create the sweets
  • Creating a single node based texture that combines overlaid graphics and random colour selection
  • HDRI lighting setup
  • Post render tweaks in photoshop

The Details

  • File: Quicktime (.mov) Duration: 36 minutes 7 seconds
  • File Size: 171mb
  • Contents: Tutorial file (.mov), sweet overlay texture (.psd), Cheetah file (.jas), Sample raw render (.jpg), photoshop file with post processing (.psd), post processed render (.jpg)
  • Price: $5+

Hope you like it!

Cheetah3D Bowl Of Sweets Tutorial

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Lars says:

    Hi Dave, I’m glad that you’re back with new tutorials :-)

    • Dave says:

      Hi Lars, Let me know how you get on with the tutorial – you’re the first to try it!

      • Lars says:

        Hi Dave, I was busy during the day and I couldn’t watch the tutorial earlier. It’s a great episode, especially part about the Node editor. Following your example, I’m carrying experiments with materials now. Thank you for inspiration and I’m waiting for more.

        • Dave says:

          Hi Lars, I’m pleased that you liked it. I’m planning on slowly introducing more node based materials into each tutorial. It’s a fairly complex system for beginners to understand but hopefully taking it one step at a time will help people (myself included!)

  2. dougcabot says:

    Fun tutorial. I used it to make a present for my daughter:

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