Cartoon Head Cheetah3D Tutorial

Clocking in at 53 minutes I’m back with my latest tutorial. It’s one I’ve been wanting to make for a while and was done without even attempting to create the model in a practice run first. I really wanted you to see the process that I took, the mistakes that I made in trying to get there and also the process I took to correct those mistakes.

Buy Cheetah3D Cartoon Head Tutorial

Here’s what we’ll be creating…


There’s no rendering this tutorial – it’s just pure modelling, if you do want to render your model I’d suggest taking a look at my free 3 point lighting tutorial which works great on this kind of model.

Hope you like it!

The price is $5+ so it’s nice and affordable!

Buy Cheetah3D Cartoon Head Tutorial


  1. Thanks Dave for another great tutorial. I learn so much from them. You make character modeling so much easier with your special tips.


  2. Hi Dave, I am new to Cheetah and really like your Youtube videos, they helped me a lot to get started. Just downloaded the Cartoon Head to learn more techniques. Great Work!


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