Character/Box Modelling Cheetah3D Tutorial

I’m back with another tutorial – this time we’re looking at box modelling a simple character and then creating a texture map for him. It’s an hour long tutorial will get you to grips with box modelling and should prove to be a good platform for creating organic models.


Cheetah3D Character Modelling Tutorial

What’s covered in this box modelling tutorial

This tutorial is great if you’re looking to get started in more organic style modelling. Although the character we create isn’t hugely detailed it will provide a solid base to move to more intrictae models down the line.

One thing that is covered in this tutorial that is often requested is unwrapping UVs in Cheetah3D. You’ll learn how to do it, when you should do it and why it’s useful. Once our UV is unwrapped we’ll learn how to paint a texture map that works for our character.

• Box modelling technique/Using symmetry
• Working with shortcut keys to speed up your workflow
• Placing seams/Unwrapping UVs
• Texture painting

The Details
File: Quicktime (.mov)
Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes
File Size: 290mb Contents: Cheetah file (.jas), tutorial file (.mov), uv template (.pdf), texture map (.psd & .tiff)
Price: $5+

Cheetah3D Character Modelling Tutorial


  1. Hi Dave, I have only just begun to use Cheetah 3D software and I find your tutorials helpful. The one thing I am finding frustrating is adding graphics to my 3D renderings. Is unwrapping the mesh and using the somewhat primitive paint tools the only way to add graphic detail? The gallery samples I’ve previewed seem to show amazing detail. Thanks.

    1. Hi Peter,

      It would depend on what you’re looking at. Perhaps if you had an example? The often misunderstood UV mapper can be useful in a lot of situations, I’m planing on working something up to show this in the near future.

      I’m glad you find the tutorials useful.

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