Cheetah3D Car Tutorial

cheetah3d car tutorial

For all those of you that have been asking how to model a car in Cheetah3D I finally put a tutorial together. In the video I box model the car starting with a simple cube and work around the various challenges that you will encounter.

This tutorial is ideal if you’re looking to model any kind of vehicle in Cheetah3D

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At present the car tutorial is not included in the tutorial bundle (although it may appear in a new tutorial bundle). cheetah3d car tutorial

The skills you learn in this tutorial with give you the confidence and ability to tackle any kind of vehicle in Cheetah3D. The modelling skills you will learn will leave you producing a mesh that is adaptable to any style of model.

Included in with the tutorial fileā€¦

  • Cheetah file (.jas)
  • HDRI (.hdr)
  • Final render (.jpg)
  • Tutorial movie (.mp4)

Hope you like it!

Buy Cheetah3D Car Tutorial for $5