Cheetah3D Competition (Possibility)

Before you get excited I should point out that at present there is no competition but that is kind of the point, I’d really like to run a competition on this site.

I’m starting to contact companies with the hope of securing some kind of prize – having never done this before I have no idea whether there will be any takers or not. If I do manage to get hold of a prize then the completion is likely to be some kind of character contest with it being less about technical ability and more about originality.

Anyway, that’s the plan – let me know what you think to the idea! Oh and if you have something you would be prepared to put forward as a prize then let me know.


  1. Sounds like a great idea to me! I’d be down for giving it a shot. I’m not that great of a modeler (yet), but should be fun. I’ve been interested in character modeling though for a while though. I took several semesters of figure drawing when I was in art school. Sadly I don’t have any of my charcoal sketches left to refer to. I do still have a few figure drawing books here in the house that I can pull out. I’ll start thinking about ideas that I can do.

    1. I hope so, it will really depend on whether I can put anything forward as a prize. Doesn’t need to be anything big, just some kind of incentive – hopefully I’ll manage to get something!

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