Cheetah3D on BBC iPlayer

The Lady and The Fly

I was looking for something to watch a few weeks back and I spotted The Lady and The Fly on BBC iPlayer from Modern Toss. At first I didn’t make the connection, I just watched and enjoyed. After a while it dawned on me that maybe Cheetah3D had been used in the production of The Lady and The Fly.

I know that Modern Toss had been playing around with Cheetah3D but wasn’t aware if they’d used it on anything in production. So I dropped them an email and sure enough yes they did use Cheetah3D to help form the backgrounds for the scenes.

It’s a short sketch that is voiced by Mackenzie Crook and Paul Kaye and is really funny, well worth a watch (not just to see Cheetah3D out in the wild!)

Anyway check out the Lady and The Fly…

For those of you that are in the UK you can watch it on iPlayer here…