Cheetah3D Shortcuts

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been using Cheetah for a while its a good idea to make the most of using Cheetah’s shortcut keys.

They’re completely customisable and spending a little time setting them up and introducing them into your workflow will reap huge rewards in terms of your modelling speed. The less time you spend navigating menus, the more time you have to get your model perfect.

I recorded a quick screencast of this which you can watch here…

Cheetah3D user Swizl kindly made this handy pdf file so you can have a reference to the shortcuts


  1. In Lightwave there are two functions for creating “custom” shapes, ‘rail extrude’ allows extruding a poly along 2 or more splines (rails) for organic shapes (think fancy toothbrush shape) and replicate along a spline where one object can be repeated along a curved spline(think lace or filigree or lazy string of pearls). How can these be done in Cheetah 3D?

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