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Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

Cheetah3D Tutorial BundleAs a special offer I’m selling a bundle pack of 8 of my Cheetah3D tutorials (that’s over 6 hours of learning!) and HDRI studio pack combined for $30! That’s a saving of $15.

Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle (just $30!)

Included in the Cheetah3D tutorial bundle

First and foremost you’re getting over 6 hours of video tutorials. For just $30 that is exceptional value. If you’re serious about learning Cheetah3D then you won’t find better value out there.

The range of content covered in the included tutorials is very broad – from hard surface modelling to organic shapes, particles to much much more.

Not only do you get the tutorials but you’re also get my HDRI Studio Pack which includes 10 HDRI files so you can get great renders every single time with minimum fuss.

Tutorial Bundle Contents

The fastest way to learn Cheetah3D. Learn at your own pace!

Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle (just $30!)