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Cheetah3D Wine Glasses Tutorial

A few of you may have seen me post my wine glasses render last week – following on from that I’ve had a couple of requests to turn it into a tutorial and here it is…

Cheetah3D Wine Glasses Tutorial

Wine Glasses Cheetah3D

What’s covered

• Using blueprints for accuracy
• Working with splines
• Combining creator objects and splines
• Using the caustic tag
• Realistic rendering tips & tricks

The Details

File: Quicktime (.mov)
Duration: 41 minutes 28 seconds
File Size: 181mb
Contents: Cheetah file (.jas), sample render (.tiff), tutorial file (.mov), spline (.jpg), post process image (.psd)
Price: Pay what you want! Anything over $5USD

Cheetah3D Wine Glasses Tutorial

If you want pay with Paypal please send me an email.

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  1. Lars says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I really enjoyed it!

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