Glass and Liquid

Wine Glasses Cheetah3D

I thought I would have a play with putting some liquid in a glass in Cheetah to see if I could get a convincing render put together. I also thought it was high time I used the caustic tag which I’ve never really done anything with. After about 30 renders (possibly more) this is what I came up with…

Wine Glasses Cheetah3D

I must admit I found the lighting to be a bit of a pain in the ass on this one. I had wanted to steer clear of using an HDRI but I wasn’t at all happy with the result. In the end it was a combination of an HDRI powered down, an area light to cast shadows, ambient occlusion to get the depth and then a couple of glow panels/softboxes to get some better looking reflection highlights in the glass.

This is now available as a tutorial – Wine Glasses Tutorial


    1. Thanks Tom, you can keep playing with the settings forever in search of the perfect render – I do tend to do a little post production on the render image in Photoshop to take it further. I think it’s really important to not get too bogged down in Cheetah (or whatever you’re using) when you can do the final tweaks in Photoshop.

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