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HDRI Studio Render Pack For Better 3D Renders

I’m pleased to announce my HDRI Studio Render Pack for your 3D software of choice. The pack currently contains 10 HDRI images to use in your 3D projects and I have plans to both add to and improve the current set.
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Get better renders with HDRI studio pack

I have produced this pack as I have hugely overused the 2 HDRI images that currently ship with Cheetah3D and I figured it was time to move away from those. It’s not always appropriate to use a panorama that provides realistic reflections for product style renders.

The pack is ideal for those looking to render quickly that maybe don’t have the time to set up complex lighting rigs.

HDRI Studio Pack

At this stage it’s very much a work in progress that I plan on adding to and developing as I go. It’s also worth pointing out that this pack was built with Cheetah3D but will work with any 3D software that allows HDRI images to be used for image based lighting.

I’m charging a small fee ($5+) for this one as it took a fair amount of time to put together. Future updates to the pack will be free to anyone who has bought it.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Chris Heath says:

    Looks great Dave. Just bought it, and will download it when I’m back on the Mac. I’ll try it out on your bowl of sweets tutorial.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for making the purchase Chris, hope you find them useful. Let me know how you get on. Just be aware that some of them require the intensity of the HDRI cranking up.

  2. Swizl says:

    Nice ones!

    Bought and downloaded yesterday. One minor thing though, it would be cool if you included your Box and Ball test example scene. No big deal though if you don’t want to. Just thought I’d mention it.

    P.S. Sorry, also caught a typo above. I’m at least guessing that’s what you meant.
    “… allows HDRI images to be used for [image] based lighting.”


    • Dave says:

      Hi Swizl,

      That’s a good idea, I’ll see what I can do on my next update to the pack. Thanks for spotting the typo too – that should be fixed now!

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