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Model And Render A Magnifying Glass – Cheetah3D Tutorial

I thought I would record a quick video tutorial showing how I created the magnifying glass that I recently posted. It takes about 20 minutes start to finish to complete and if you’re fairly new to Cheetah3D you should pick up a few tips and tricks…

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  1. Chris Heath says:

    Great tutorials Dave. I have reproduced the magnifying glass. I’m looking forward to your next tutorial.

  2. David Ellis says:

    Thanks Chris, glad you found it useful – it would be good to see what you came up with, do you have a link?

  3. Chris Heath says:

    Hi DaveI’ve placed an image of the magnifying glass at: haven’t solved the problem with the lens going dark though. From some angles it is very black. Is there a simple fix for this?FYI: Earlier dabbling with 3D from years ago can be seen at: headers for the Art Deco, Spanish Mission and Chicago School pages were modelled in C4D v6. There is a bit more 3D work in the Gallery. Again, this was done years ago using C4D.

  4. David Ellis says:

    Nicely done Chris!Did you put the render tag on the lens object with visible in radiosity unchecked? That tends to lighten the glass up. Failing that, try a different HDRI.How long have you been using Cheetah3D? I find it really quite similar to Cinema4D.

  5. Chris Heath says:

    Thanks DaveI had unchecked the wrong radiosity option. It looks much better now: C4D v6 starting to crash in Leopard and not running at all in Snow Leopard, I bought Cheetah 3D about two months ago. I’ve had the demo version for a while and used it earlier for your softbox tutorial: user interface for Cheetah 3D is similar to C4D, but much simpler to use.Thanks again for the great tutorials.

  6. Really great tutorial! I had a mess about with a few different hdri’s and lighting setups. I must say the software is very good for the money and I got some pretty decent results from your tutorial. I look forward to following some more of your videos. You can see my renders here:

  7. jack says:

    It looks like the tutorial on youtube is cut short – is there a full length one available that includes setting up the lens and apply materials?

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