Modifiers in Cheetah3D

Modifiers are so useful in Cheetah, from creating arrays to adding symmetry or simply adding a taper, they’re incredibly handy. The best part is that they’re non-destructive and good for animation. I recorded a short video tutorial showing you how to apply them and some possible uses…


  1. Hey thanks for these videos!

    As for your fan noise, I think I tried iShowU once and remember it taking more CPU than I was comfortable with.

    On my system the fan noise is a huge pain during recordings.

    I found 2 solutions:
    1) I use an external mic – Not 100% fool proof, but helps
    2) I use Camtasia.
    Camtasia 2.x = 30% CPU
    Screenflow 4.x = 50% CPU
    Quicktime = 117% CPU

    – Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      That’s pretty interesting actually. Hopefully my new mac solves most of the problems as the fans are quieter but it’s definitely something to consider as 3D software is pretty processor intensive itself – couple that with screen recording and it makes sense why the fans start to go crazy!

      Thanks for the pointers!

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