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Motion Blur In Cheetah3D

Over the years motion blur has been one of the most requested features for upcoming versions of Cheetah3D. I’m pleased to say that as of version 7, it will be in. I’m currently alpha testing version 7 and motion blur is one of the first things that I tried.

Cheetah3D Motion Blur

I can’t reveal too much at this stage but I’ve been really impressed with the new rendering system so far, and when I’ve put it up against Cheetah3D version 6 it’s been really quick. Apologies for the very rough render, I was really excited to get this live!

As of yet, there’s still no official release date for version 7, I’ll keep you posted when I know more!

That’s all for now.

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  1. Chris Heath says:

    Looks great Dave! I look forward to upgrading.

  2. ALinCAL says:

    Very COOL Dave!!
    Exciting… can’t wait!


  3. Swizl says:

    Thanks for the preview! Excited everyday for v7 to come out.

  4. Dawsey says:

    Frank also let slip about quad-boolean operations. I would like to see you show that here too 😉

  5. rekh says:


    Received this email and was pleased to see Cheetah is getting a major upgrade. Does the renderer support black; or any color for that matter, outlines?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Rekh, at the moment I don’t know. Quite a lot has changed with the way Cheetah renders in version 7 and I’m still working it out. So far my all my test renders have been between 20% and 50% faster than version 6.

  6. sammywsm says:

    Will Cheetah 3D 7 be launched within 2015?
    Or need more time to fine tune it?
    I really like the user-friendly design of Cheetah.

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