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Noisy Fans

Well, my attempt at cleaning the fans on my MacBook Pro didn’t have the desired result – my trusty laptop still sounds like a small aircraft taking off when I give it anything slightly processor heavy to do.

I did buy an incredibly cheap clip on microphone which I thought would help reduce the noise when I record my tutorials but as it turns out the mic needs a pre-amp to work properly.

All this has left me a little but hesitant to record any more tutorials until its fixed, I’m more than aware that the noise of the fans is less than ideal and it’s something I am trying to fix. Short term it may involve using my iPhone as a mic, but I fear this will still pick a lot of the noise up.

So, I’m left with the option of putting the mac in for repair (which I can’t really do as I have no gap in my work schedule) or biting the bullet and finally buying a new one. Most users of Apple Macs are pretty up on computer spec but its really not my thing, I’ve always just spent the most money I could assuming it would get me what I need.

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  1. Tom D says:

    Personally, I don’t mind the noise of your fan that much. I play the tutorials on my headphones and I’ve never had to struggle to hear the explanations. As a user of the tutorials, It is not an issue at all considering all the benefits of each of them.

    If you decide to buy a new mac, do you necessarily have to buy a laptop? they so ridiculously dear!
    I opted fo an imac myself because I thought I would get more for my money. For a while, I did, but 4 years down the line, the issue I ended up with is not a noisy one but rather visual. I got the infamous vertical lines imprinted on my screen. Now it feels like I’m looking at my designs through a prison door.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Tom, Thanks for letting me know – to be honest there haven’t been too many users that have brought it up but I’m always cautious of it and I’m always trying new things to reduce it.

      I probably will have to buy a new laptop as I take this one everywhere with me – it’s 6 years old so it’s done me proud.

      Ah yeah I remember the vertical lines, although I’ve not seen any on an imac in years now!

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