Quick Tips/Mini Tutorials

I’m currently planning on putting together a series of quick tips/mini tutorials for Cheetah3D, this will allow me to solve specific problems and showcase specific tools. As always they will be video based tutorials and I’m planning on releasing at least 1 a week. Because these tutorials will be shorter than the usual ones (I’m thinking they will be around 1-2 minutes each) it shouldn’t swallow up too much of my time.

If there’s anything you’d like to see covered then please do get in touch – off the top of my head here are a few of the tools/subjects I’m planning on covering…

  • Pivot Mode
  • UV Mapper
  • Dynamics
  • Modifiers
  • Animation

There’s loads more stuff but that will give you an idea. Obviously I’m still planning on working up some more comprehensive tutorials along the way too.


  1. First, your tuts have given me renewed interest in Cheetah3d. Thanks, it’s either C3D or Blender. Both are great.

    A tutorial on vertex modeling (i.e. non box-modeling) would be helpful. I feel that Cheetah3D is a great program, but sorely lacking in useable Tutorials and References. Don’t get me started on the “help” file.

    I would appreciate a stand-alone video/PDF about your Prefs/Keyboard mapping settings.

    Again, thanks for being a great reference on C3D, between this and the C3D book, I may just get my mind around this great Mac app.

    1. Hi Mike,

      I’ve not done a huge amount amount of vertex modelling – I tend to tweak on a point by point basis as my model starts to take shape – have you had a look at my character modelling tutorial?

      As for the PDF for shortcuts, Cheetah3D user Swizl kindly put together a PDF which can be downloaded from this page http://www.mac3dsoftware.com/cheetah3d/cheetah3d-shortcuts/

      Once you get the hang of the the tools you can pretty much work with any tutorial for any 3D app, they translate pretty well – I spend quite a lot of time watching 3D tutorials that are nothing to do with Cheetah.

      Let me know how you get on.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Really looking forward to watching these mini tutorials. The subjects you’re planning to cover are perfect for my immediate needs. Thanks a million.

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