The Dreaded Price Increase

I felt like this needed a little explaining after I launched my latest tutorial at a higher price.

It’s not something that I wanted to do, but unfortunately with the amount of planning and production that goes into making a premium tutorial I just couldn’t continue to put tutorials out there at $1. Cheetah3D has a very small community so generally I don’t sell many tutorials at all – this isn’t a huge problem for me but as I’m quite a busy man (2 kids will do that to anyone!) I do like to try and break even on the time I invest with them.

I like using Cheetah3D, I love to play around with it and I’m still releasing free tutorials all the time. Hopefully you will all understand my reasons for this and I can continue to produce tutorials in the future!



  1. I agree that $5 is a good number for the quality of your video tutorials. The number of tips and techniques are such time savers. Most of your work can easily be used by anyone to up their game. Just think how long it would take most users to research and learn what you are demonstrating. Hopefully you will keep going.

    1. Thanks Jim, it’s good to get some feedback on things like this. I think the tutorials are becoming more complex and taking more time to plan and prepare. Hopefully others will agree with you!

  2. I have no problem paying $5 for these. I’ve bought a few and they’re the main way I’ve been learning the program.

  3. Hi Dave,

    No need to apologize, and it’s very honorable for you to put this post out there so people can understand your position.

    -Jack (the Camtasia guy)

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