Transposing 3D Tutorials

One thing that I think not a lot of people are aware of, or maybe they’re too afraid to try is that it’s relatively easy to transpose 3D tutorials from one piece of 3D software to another. That means if you can’t find a tutorial in Cheetah3D for something you’re looking to specifically create, look for the tutorial in another 3D program. Blender and Cinema4D are heavily represented in terms of readily available tutorials.

All you really need to be able to do this is a basic understand of Cheetah3D’s tools. If you’ve followed a few of my tutorials in the past then you will already have that knowledge. For the large part it’s simply a matter of finding the right replacement tool, certainly from a modelling point of view.

Lighting and texturing again work basically the same, substituting tool for tool. Where it starts to get a little more tricky is perhaps rendering but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Global illumination, Radiosity and HDRI lighting tend to work quite a bit differently between applications but where there’s a will there’s a way!

So don’t let the fact that a tutorial isn’t available in your program of choice put you off. Have a go anyway!