Ok these aren’t exactly FAQs but they may answer questions that you have…

What is Cheetah3D and why do you use it?

Cheetah3D is a Mac based 3D application. Its cheap (around $99), has a great learning curve and is powerful enough to create the kind of things that I want to create.

Why aren’t all your tutorials free?

I try and make as many free tutorials as I can but as my time is limited I have to charge for the longer tutorials to cover for the time lost making them.

Do I have to pay more than $5?

Nope, if you only want to pay $5 then that’s what you pay.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes you can, Gumroad who distribute my tutorials now accept Paypal payments.

Will you make a tutorial on…?

I might. Drop me an email with your request and if I think it’s a good idea then I just may do it.

Do you provide Cheetah3D training?

Sometimes. I have trained people in Cheetah3D before and I’m open to doing it again. Drop me an email and we’ll see if we can work it out.


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