A new user appeared on the Cheetah3D forum a few weeks back and posted a couple of great renders, this in itself is something of a rarity. Most newcomers to Cheetah take time to get to grips with things, they post questions, problems and half renders – why wouldn’t they? Learning a 3D isn’t that easy. Not this user though, this user showed a grasp of 3D far beyond her time with the program. Step forward Miss Sarah Brown – AKA Kookizo.

Kookizu Bunny

Sarah is a freelance designer based in London, her work has a very distinct style that seems to seamlessly translate to the world of 3D. When Sarah isn’t freelancing for other design agencies, she’s working on her own thing – online jewellery and accessory site Kookizu. Just like her 3D work, Sarah’s jewellery is quirky, fresh, colourful, fun and a whole load of other adjectives too.

Kookizu Strawberry

What I really like about Sarah’s work is that it’s really unique. Her 2D illustrations have converted to the 3rd dimension really well and as a result her work stands out – its not an attempt at the cliched photorealism or science fiction renders that you often see from 3D users. Take a look at Sarah’s work, I hope you find it as inspiring as I do!