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The Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

Learn Cheetah3D

If you’re just starting out with Cheetah3D then this is the list for you. I’ve put together…

Learning 3D

Transposing 3D Tutorials

One thing that I think not a lot of people are aware of, or maybe they’re too…

Monument Valley Cheetah3D

Create A Monument Valley Style Render

I’ve been playing Monument Valley quite a bit recently (if you haven’t played it, go grab it…

isometric cheetah3d

Lets Get Isometric

I’ve been doing loads of isometric renders recently so I recorded this short tutorial/quick tip to show…


Compressor/Audio Equipment User Interface Cheetah3D Tutorial

In this 1 hour 4 minute tutorial I’ll show you how to model and render a compressor….


Interview with Jeremy Keen AKA Jezza

Recently I was digging around the internet and stumbled upon Jeremy’s game – a bit more digging…

Reduction Drive

An Interview With Eric Leipzig AKA ZooHead

I’ve been watching Eric’s work closely for a while in the Cheetah3D forum – he has a…

Model an RV in Cheetah3D

Model A Recreational Vehicle

There’s a fantastic tutorial on the Cheetah3D forum to show you the process behind modelling a recreational…

Cheetah3D Tutorial Bundle

As a special offer I’m selling a bundle pack of 8 of my Cheetah3D tutorials (that’s over…

Cheetah3D’s Skylight

I recorded a short tutorial showing you how to use Cheetah3D’s skylight. You can get some really…

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