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Combining Objects in Cheetah3D

Here’s the first of my mini tutorials/quick tips – how to combine separate objects into a single mesh Cheetah3D…

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  1. Tom D says:


  2. Jack says:

    What is it you did at the 34 second mark – I heard you mention something about meshes and you clicked a few items in the Object Browser – What does that do?

  3. Harry says:

    Tried this multiple time exactly as described. When I click the second point, I get an error beep and the objects do not bridge. The first click changes the point to blue, but when I click on the point on the second object, I get a beep and a message in the lower left (after “Status:”) that says “select points on boarder.” By the way, the word should be spelled “border” and not “boarder.” Not sure what I am doing wrong… I am following the tutorial exactly. My version of Cheetah is 6.3.

    • Dave says:

      Bridge can be a little temperamental – sometimes it does this for me too. When that happens I opt for the create polygon tool – in point mode, control click to get create polygon then click 4 points counter clockwise and a polygon will be created that fills the gap.

  4. william says:

    Hi Dave,

    I just purchase Cheetah 3d 6.3. Hope you can help me on making tread or rope in this version. There is rope icon under tag command. I appreciated if you can show me how to use this icon. If you have another way of doing it please you don’t mind to share it with me. Thanks

      • william says:

        Hi Dave,

        I am so thankful for your link. I will try to practice it. I know there are so much to learn.


      • william says:

        Hi Dave,

        It’s me again. I check the link you gave me and I try to follow the tutorial from Frank Beckmann. It is easy, but the only one I missed was the script of Patched Helix which I don’t have or how to do it. Also I just want to ask you if you know how to put the script in Cheetah 3d. Sorry to asked so many things. I am so interested to learn this program and I believed you are the expert. Thanks for your big help.


  5. Dandrik says:

    Hey thanks i had picked up Cheetah without ever doing anything like this before, your tutorials have helped tons and this quick tip solved a big question for me.

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