Planet Earth – Beginners Cheetah3D Tutorial

Well, I’m back with another tutorial – that’s the good news! The bad news is that this time it’s a paid tutorial – I’ve kept it incredibly cheap (Anything over $5) as I’m just looking to break even with these tutorials, this will allow me to keep putting content out there. Buy Cheetah3D Planet Earth… Continue reading Planet Earth – Beginners Cheetah3D Tutorial

Upcoming Tutorial – Clock

I was playing around in Cheetah3D the other night and came up with the following image… The plan is to record this as a tutorial at some point very soon so watch this space! Update The tutorial is now available – Realistic Clock Tutorial

Taking Suggestions For Cheetah Tutorials…

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past that I’m planning on producing some paid Cheetah3D tutorials and I’m starting to think that time is drawing closer. I would like to produce tutorials that are start to finish – that is, not just modeling – I’d like users to come out with good quality renders when… Continue reading Taking Suggestions For Cheetah Tutorials…

Quick Landscape

I was just having a quick dig around the Cheetah3d forums and I found an old post where Cheetah3d user Frank Beckmann showed a way of creating a landscape. The technique uses displacement mapping and gets a pretty good result with minimal effort. Have a look at this… There’s some great stuff when you really… Continue reading Quick Landscape


Here’s a quick attempt at Zoidberg from Futurama – it’s not perfect and was a little tougher than I expected. That said, the basics are in place and it just needs pushing around a bit now to get the personality that it’s lacking. Modelled in Silo, rendered in Cheetah3D…