The Importance Of Post Render Production

Having been doing quite a lot of rendering lately I thought it was worth doing a quick post about post render production. Rendering is a slow process, particularly when you’re making minor tweaks to settings and re-rendering over and over again. It’s easy to get a little tied up in tweaking and forget that you… Continue reading The Importance Of Post Render Production

Retro Style

I found myself in need of a 40s style illustration of an air hostess recently and after a lot of searching the various stock photo sites that I have access to I quickly found out it wasn’t going to happen. A quick change of approach and I found a 10 minute tutorial showing me how… Continue reading Retro Style

App Icon

It’s been a while since I created anything in 3D. I’ve always fancied having a blast at creating an app icon so here it is. I can’t reveal what the app is yet but yes it does have something to do with snakes. There’s a fair bit of post Cheetah work that was done in… Continue reading App Icon

Day 2 – Crates & Rain

Combining a couple of tutorials, firstly a UV mapping tutorial in Cheetah3D and secondly creating a rain effect in photoshop I produced the following image. It’s not great image on it’s own but it did teach me a few things about UV mapping and getting more out of brushes in photoshop…