Just as I’m starting to get interested in 3D sculpting having looked at various different programs (ZBrush, 3D Coat and Sculptris) I found my copy of 3D Modeling in Silo by Ant Ward which happens to have some information about sculpting/displacement painting in Silo. So far I’ve only had the briefest of plays and it… Continue reading Sculpting


Here’s a quick attempt at Zoidberg from Futurama – it’s not perfect and was a little tougher than I expected. That said, the basics are in place and it just needs pushing around a bit now to get the personality that it’s lacking. Modelled in Silo, rendered in Cheetah3D…

Dick Dastardly

There’s an old post on the Cheetah forum where a couple of users were working on a model of Dick Dastardly. At the time I wasn’t good enough to model him myself but now I feel like my skills have progressed enough to give it a go. Here’s the progress so far… Edit: Here’s a… Continue reading Dick Dastardly

Edge Flow Video

I found this video on Vimeo from Glen Southern which covers exactly the thing I’m having issue with lately – sorting out edge flow. This was done in Silo – check out the different colour set up, looks pretty useful!

Facial Edge Flow

After blocking out a head in Silo last night, I wanted to start work on sorting the edge flow out. WHat a nightmare! Edge flow is a new concept to me, I had no idea it even existed and it’s hard work correcting it – probably because I’ve never even tried before. At the moment… Continue reading Facial Edge Flow

Speed Modelling

Well, it was late but I wanted to have a quick play in Silo, and by quick I meant 5 minutes. I tried to quickly block out an electric toothbrush just to see if I could get anywhere near. It’s the kind of model that I never know how to start – do you start with… Continue reading Speed Modelling

Silo Head Mesh

Well my Silo training is coming up next week so it’s time I got back to working in it. I want to make sure that I get the most out of the day’s training I have booked with Glen Southern. Here’s the beginnings of a head that I’m working on from one of the tutorials… Continue reading Silo Head Mesh