Pierluigi Collina

Working with a head mesh that I previously created I wanted to see if I could push and pull the polygons into the shape of someone famous. Here’s an effort at former referee Pierluigi Collina. It’s not ideal but I think it’s certainly taking shape. Collina actually has a fairly difficult face to capture, his face is very flat and although he has very piercing eyes they’re actually very small so I’ve taken a bit of artistic license on this one…


EDIT: I re-rendered this one with a different lighting setup (as provided by the very talented Terence Gaylor), the render has a more cartoon style feel now which is what I was aiming for.

The Cheetah3D setup is…

  • Camera light set to on
  • Gamma dropped to 1.4
  • Distant light (to cast shadows) setup with a low intensity